Friday, April 7, 2017

Robot Party

When my middle son turned four, he declared that he wanted a robot party. It turned out to be such a fun, cute theme! 

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I used lots of silver, red, blue, and green when making the decorations. I relied heavily on my Cricut Robot Party cartridge and Robotz cartridge to make everything. 

My favorite decoration was this cute robot centerpiece. I started with cardboard boxes in various sizes and covered them in metallic silver wrapping paper. I used an empty can with the label removed for the neck, and hot glued all the pieces together. Then I added embellishments from the Robotz and Robot Party Cricut cartridges, and added a silver pipe cleaner with a red pom pom to its head. 

Instead of traditional party hats, I made several of these cute robot headbands from the Robot Party cartridge. 

I used a black marker to draw robot faces on some of the silver balloons we had hung up.

I once again used the Robot Party cartridge to create the goody bags. I cut the robot faces out of red, green, and blue cardstock, twisted some silver pipe cleaners for antennae, and adhered them (along with googly eyes!) to metallic silver bags.


As the guests arrived, they were invited to color in some robot coloring pages I had printed out. They could also design their own robot, using geometric foam sticker shapes and construction paper. The kids came up with some cute and colorful robot pictures!

Once everyone had arrived and had a chance to complete their art projects, we went down into the basement for some games. Before the party, I had hidden robot shapes around the room. I hung a poster up that had the silhouettes of all the robots the kids needed to find. Each robot piece was laminated and had a Velcro dot on the back, so once it was found the kids could match it to the correct shape on the poster. It was sort of like a hide-and-seek robot puzzle! I used the Robotz Cricut cartridge to cut out the robots. 

The next game was "Pin the Gear on the Robot." I had created a large robot shape on posterboard, and used the Cricut to cut out gear shapes for the kids to try to put in the right spot. 

After the games it was time for cupcakes. I made both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and topped them with silver sprinkles and plastic robot rings.

The kids were sent home with their artwork, headbands, and goody bags, which included some fun robot prizes like these adorable stickers.

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